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  DVD  Groove Workshop (2 DVDs) - Victor Wooten     Ref. MA-50693

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Master Bassist Victor Wooten lays out his philosophy of teaching and learning music in Groove Workshop, a brilliant master class captured on DVD by Hudon Music. While traditional music education focuses on technique and ´playing the right notes´, Victor delves deeper and emphasizes many subtle and rarely taught aspects of music making, giving the viewer an incredible insight into his musical concepts.

Working with a master class of six Bassists, each with Bass in hand, Victor - along with expert Bassist and instructor Anthony Wellington - explores the following intriguing concepts:

- Notes: is it possible for wrong notes to sound great?
- Grooving: what elements need to be present for a good groove to happen?
- Articulation: how can you use articulation to better express yourself?
- Technique: should you be conscious of your technique?
- Emotion/Feel: are you able to make the deepest connection with your listeners - the emotional connection?
- Dynamics: how are dynamics critical to drawing in your listeners or pushing them away?
- Rhythm/Tempo: what are some specific exercises to improve your time?
- Tone: how can tone make people dance?
- Phrasing: how can you use your imagination to improve your phrasing?
- Space/Rest: why is silence so important in playing music?
- Listening: learn why for Victor, listening is actually the most important aspect of playing music.

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